Indeed it is an honor and a great sense of humility that I greet you!

The Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Incorporated (IEACF) continues to execute its mission to Empower, Encourage and Educate youth to achievement and to make a significant contribution to Houston and the surrounding areas. By working together we are building a brighter future, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging strong ethical character in our students for they are the imminent leaders of our world. The IEACF has been able to expand its reach by providing generous support to the community including the Houston Area Urban League, The Ensemble Theatre, Sister’s Network, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. and Blue Triangle Multi Cultural Association, Inc. and various youth programs.

By raising nearly $1 million to award scholarships, I am exceedingly grateful for the unwavering support from all of the fundraising events.  To our Founders, Annie Smith Brew and Charlotte Kelly Bryant, Immediate Past Presidents and Board of Directors, thank you all for laying the groundwork and your exceptional leadership to ensure our mission is continued by supporting the “Greater Houston community through charitable, educational, volunteer and collaborative efforts”.

It is my desire to led with grace as we propel our foundation to the next level and that is to “I” – Ignite, “E” – Engage, “A” – Act, “C” – Commit, and have “F” – Fun!  The Board of Directors and members of the IEACF are ready to soar to greater heights – collectively we will preserve to accomplish our goals.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and for your gracious love and support! I look forward to working alongside our IEACF Board and members as I humbly thank you for your commitment to service and relentless passion to transform lives within our communities.

Serving and giving with excellence,

Nedra Washington, 2023 IEACF President