Saturday, January 25, 2020
President's Message


2018 IEACF President’s Message

It is my honor to serve as President of the Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Incorporated (IEACF) for 2018.

The IEACF board, foundation members and I bring a deep community knowledge, passion for philanthropy and desire to envision an ambitious future for the Houston metropolitan area. I am proud to lead the charge bringing the highest level of service to the IEACF as we support educational advancement and charitable giving in our community. We are swiftly approaching the million dollar mark in scholarships to deserving high school graduates and college level students through fundraising efforts since the 1981 establishment of this non-profit charitable organization.

It was deeply gratifying when the IEACF received a $16,000 Dow Promise Grant in 2017 to sponsor a Summit for the ASCENDSM program in furtherance of education. As we move forward with the IEACF mission, developing more strategic alliances and opening opportunities, youth and families will be propelled to reach their full potential. It does take a village to nurture our youth. Join us in supporting the community and our future leaders as we “Empower, Encourage and Educate Youth to Elevate their Quality of Life in Houston and Beyond.”

With a heart for service,

Cherise Story
2018 IEACF President




Our Mission

Empower, Encourage and Educate Youth to Elevate Their Quality of Life in Houston and Beyond



1. Be a recognized leader in providing scholarships for students in Houston
2. Be a leader in promoting charitable giving
3. Students that achieve success through the Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Inc.
are giving back to their community
4. Be a support for the Education Advancement Foundation (EAF)

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